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TRILLY TRILL (J-King and Dezzy Deville) interview

TRILLY TRILL (J-King and Dezzy Deville) interview
smash hit "Jason Terry"

TSD:How did the name Trilly Trill come about?
TT:The group was three people originally and we were called Trilogy back then but when one of the members left so we just changed the name to Trilly Trill.

TSD:How long have Trilly Trill been working together?
TT:Since 2005 as a duo since 2008

TSD:Who are some of your music influences or role models in the game?
TT:Jay Z, Outkast, T.I., UGK and everybody getting money.

TSD:What artists have you worked with and would like to work with?
TT:producer Big E(My Dougie), our in house producer Slick out of Dallas, and VInny D.

TSD:What inspired you to make the song "Jason Terry"?
TT:We were working on our first single "By Far", and J-King first line was real hot so we made a song out of it which became the hit "Jason Terry".

TSD:What can Trilly Trill bring to the game?
TT:More versatility to the game. The game is somewhat one dimensional right now, and we like to be out the box. Trying new styles and forms of music.

TSD:What is a regular day for Trilly Trill, the procedure?
TT:Well we have a fantastic manager Rashad Mubarak, who at the top of the mourning we get a call from. He has everything line up for us for that day blogs, computer time,studio time,club,etc.

TSD:If you would want the people to know one thing about Trilly Trill. What would it be and why?
TT:That we are true artist, alot of people don't understand the certain things have to be done to succeed.

TSD: Whats the craziest thing you've seen since being in the industry?
TT:The game itself. The deeper you get into the game the crazier it becomes and the more politics you face.
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Apple iPad

Apple iPad Website: www.apple.com/ipad The long anticipated Apple iPad is here, we see this more as natural progression, making so many questions appear... will you still need the kindle, will this change the magazine industry, education of tomorrow?? Starting price is $499, some analysts say a revolutionary new discovery is what can boost your economy, maybe this is it.
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The Society X RepJa

RepJA is the official Dancehall/Caribbean Clothing line. There apparel features t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies that are coined with popular dancehall sayings and dances such as I'm So Special, Gully Creepa, Nuh Linga, 2 Di World, Tek Weh Yuhself and many more. RepJA also represents the dancers in the dancehall community. They appreciate and recognize the hard work by dancers and dance groups such as Ravers Clavers, Overmars, Ding Dong, Black Blingaz, Ice, Sample Six, Shelly Belly, M.O.B, Timeless, and many more Photos by Brandon Poythress
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Complex X Nicki Minaj

You may know Nicki Minaj as that girl with the curvaceous frame that's been touring with Lil' Wayne. Maybe you've listened to one of her three mixtapes. If so, you've probably got an image of who you think she is: a potty-mouthed MC using sex to sell herself to the masses. Look harder, homie. The 24-year-old Queens, New York native may possess a gorgeous face and a body you could get lost in, but she's got more up her sleeve than diamond bracelets. With females not even part of the rap conversation these days, she's trying to make some noise and some loot. And we think she has just the right moneymaker to do it. Complex: When people think of Nicki Minaj they envision stilettos, bustiers, and maybe a lollipop… Nicki Minaj: This is the thing: I like being sexy when it's time to do a show, but to be honest, I hate wearing high heels, and I hate wearing anything tight. People do get taken aback when they see me in person because I'm in the jeans and the little slippers. I think it's cute when they see me transform, they see me go into my machine and come out as Nicki Minaj. Complex: How do you transform for that special someone? Nicki Minaj: Thigh-high boots or some real crazy pumps, some thongs, and curly hair, that's it. [Laughs.] Nothing else—nothing less, nothing more. Complex: What is it about curly hair that makes you feel sexy? Nicki Minaj: I feel like I'm a girl. The curly hair gives the impression that like, "Oh, I'm well-behaved," but I take the trench coat off and boom! It doesn't have to be too curly; it just looks like I did my hair. Complex: So is romancing and seduction part of your repertoire when it comes to the bedroom? Nicki Minaj: I don't like romancing and I don't like seduction. It's corny to me. I like role-playing, but that's not one of my characters. [Laughs.] Complex: With all the touring you've been doing, do you have time for a boyfriend? Nicki Minaj: I have no dating life, I can only hope and wish and imagine and fantasize. They demand too much. In life there's always going to be one thing that takes precedence, and when you're as hungry as I am you have tunnel vision. So I can't really cater to a dude right now—I love them and I think they're cute, but I can't do what they want me to do for them right now. Complex: Sounds like you need a vacation. Nicki Minaj: I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. I really want to go there and just lay on the beach. Then, also, I could have the other rap girls feed me fruit—since they don't have anything to do right now! [Laughs.] Strawberries, grapes, watermelon, and pineapple. I so know that part is going to make the interview.

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Bravo's LAUNCH MY LINE premieres TONIGHT!

Network: Bravo TV series: Launch My Line Website: www.bravotv.com/launch-my-line BRAVO's new long awaited series, Launch My Line, airs Tonigh!Ten well-known professionals, who are highly regarded in their own field of expertise, are paired with ten established fashion experts. The ten teams are put to the test, as they have to rely on each others expertise to produce a cohesive fashion line. For their first challenge, the teams must create a signature piece for their collection. While some teams hit it off from the start, other teams have to work hard not to hit each other. Tempers flare and the pressure is high as everyone wants to impress the judges and win this first challenge. Acclaimed designers, twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten of DSQUARED2 serve as the series hosts, and fashion notables Stefani Greenfield and Lisa Kline are series judges. It's teamwork. It's fashion. It's fun. Launch My Line premiere episode tonight on Bravo.
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POSE Atlanta Dec. 10 2009

Date: Dec. 10 Time: 8pm-12am Location: Studio 1 FIVE 0. 1000 Marietta St. Atlanta,GA SPECIAL GUEST? Def Jam's Bre Duval WHAT IS POSE? POSE is a monthly networking mixer for the fashion forward & trendy crowd in ATL. WHO WILL BE AT POSE? Fashion designers, Photographers, Models, Magazine Companies, Graphic Artists, Make-up Artist, Stylist, Modeling Agencies, Tattoo artist, Musicians and many more... WHAT IS THE CONECPT? the concept is simple. YOU ARE THE MODEL. You are the center of attention when the cameras are flashing. You and your friends get your own personal photoshoot with a professional photographer. CAN I GET MY PICTURES? Yes you can purchase your professional HI-RESOLUTION pictures on a disc for only $10. Imagine hiring a professional photographer for only $10, that's what we do for you!! The other party pictures you can get from our website at www.repjaevents.com POSE BENEFITS Professional photographer, Live Tattoo Artist, Make up artist, and live performances from upcoming and established artist all in one venue.
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I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal 09

I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal is a next generation lifestyle event, Music, Fashion and Art collide against an exclusive Atlanta landscape. Incredible recording artists. Posh location. Dynamic Artwork. Cutting Edge Fashion & trendsetters of Atlanta - All in One Event. I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal stands as a universal movement to introduce, influence, and effectively spread the next generation of art. Utilizing an integrated format,exciting, new recording artist (major label & independent) will present their distinct art form while an actual artist's physical or graphic artwork is represented through display or live painting. Each artist will represent a designated clothing line in their performance set. Thus introducing the world to a next generation designer. all while delivering their music to the masses. I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal is starring G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Recording Artist. Big Sean and will feature several new & exciting recording artists.TICKETS NOW ON SALE!! Performing Live G.O.O.D Music Artist: Big Sean also featuring LeLe, Angel Lashonn, Q. Amey & Senor Kaos For more details, exclusives, contest and free ticket giveaways - email info@imkindalikeabigdeal.com Get your tickets now Imkindalikeabigdeal09.com or tickets at Ticketalternative.com
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